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6 Nutritious Apple Pie Twists for Summer

Wheat Crust Delight

Swap out traditional pastry crust with whole wheat or oat flour for added fiber and nutrients. It's a wholesome twist that complements the sweet apple filling.

Sugar-Free Sweetness

Use natural sweeteners like stevia or erythritol instead of refined sugar. These alternatives reduce calories while maintaining the pie's delicious sweetness.

Fresh Fruit Medley

Combine apples with seasonal fruits like berries or peaches for a refreshing and colorful filling. This adds variety and boosts the dessert's nutritional profile.

Nutty Crunch Topping

Top your pie with a mix of chopped almonds, pecans, and walnuts for a crunchy texture and healthy fats. It adds a delightful contrast to the soft apple filling.

Greek Yogurt Swirl

Instead of heavy cream or ice cream, serve slices with a dollop of Greek yogurt. It's high in protein and provides a creamy, tangy balance to the sweet pie.

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